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Licenses, Permits and Regulations

Occupational Licenses: Information on industry-specific and occupation-specific licenses, permits and regulations is found in the Business Wizard. After answering a few questions, you will receive a customized checklist of agencies to contact with links to their websites.

Business Registration: All businesses need to register a name and entity type with the Idaho Secretary of State’s office before conducting business. For information about the entity types recognized in Idaho, see Legal Structure. Idaho does not have a state business license.

Sales Tax Permit, Withholding and Unemployment Insurance Accounts: If your business sells a product, has employees, or is engaged in the lodging industry, you will need to complete form IBR-1. Doing so registers your business for a sales and use tax permit, establishes a state withholding and unemployment insurance tax accounts, lodging tax accounts and more.

In addition to the sale of products, sales tax is charged on some activities, such as golf and bowling, and on admission fees to special events. If you rent items such as construction equipment, tents, tables or chairs, sales tax is also charged.

City and County Business Licenses: In addition to the state and federal licensing requirements found in the Business Wizard, your business may be subject to city and/or county regulations specific to your location. Contact your local City Clerk or  opens in a new windowCounty Clerk or Recorder’s office to find out if you need a local business license or other permits.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing: See the Assistance Resources section of this site.

Professional Licensing Boards:

We do our best to keep this site current when the federal government, Idaho legislature, city councils, and county commissioners add or change licensing requirements. However, we make no guarantee that the licensing requirements shown on this site are complete.

If your business activity, profession, product, or service is not listed in the Business Wizard, you can verify whether your business is subject to special licensing or taxing requirements by contacting your city or county clerk’s office, your attorney, or your CPA. If you have exhausted these resources and still haven’t found the information you need, you may also Contact Us to research your licensing requirements. Only business activities requiring additional industry-specific licenses or permits or those subject to special taxes are listed in the Business Wizard.

If you know of a licensing requirement that is not listed or one that needs to be updated, please contact us.