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Every business with employees should have written documentation stating company policies about employee conduct on the job and detailing benefits and programs offered by the company. Company policies should at a minimum address:

  • employee conduct toward employers, other employees, customers, vendors and the public, including harassment and discrimination of all types
  • compensation, benefits and insurance
  • personal use of company-owned equipment and financial products: computers, phones, vehicles and other equipment, credit cards, checking account, etc.
  • attendance and vacation policy
  • sick leave/medical leave/maternity leave
  • dress code, if applicable
  • conflict of interest and non-disclosure agreements, if applicable
  • use of controlled substances and/or alcohol on and off the job (including inappropriate use of prescription medications)
  • other topics specific to your business

Company policies are usually communicated in the form of one or more employee handbooks that employees read and sign. The handbook/handbooks become part of the employee’s personnel file. Should a problem arise, the business owner can prove the employee was aware of company policies. Don’t just give your employees a copy of the handbook and assume they will read it. Have them read and sign it as part of the hiring process or at a special meeting. (Without a signature, should an issue arise, you can’t prove the employee knew company policies.)

Harassment: Harassment, including sexual harassment, violates Federal civil rights laws. Every business with employees needs a written harassment policy that employees have read and signed. Having one may offer some protection if you are sued. Bullying is a form of harassment and should not be tolerated.

Assistance Resources: For help in creating an employee handbook, see the following resources:

If you would like assistance in creating your employee handbook, contact the business department of your nearest college or university or call your nearest Idaho Small Business Development Center for a referral.

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