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Child Support Payroll Deductions

Idaho Department of Health & Welfare Division of Family and Community Services

Child Support Deductions: This agency receives payroll deductions made by an employer for payment of an employee’s court-ordered child support obligation. If an employee’s dependent children have no health insurance, an employer may be required to enroll them in the company’s health insurance plan. For more information on employer responsibilities, contact Health & Welfare. Employers can establish an account on the Employer Website to manage Income Withholding Orders and National Medical Support Notices.

Child Support Issues Impacting Businesses

If one or more of your employees is behind on child support payments, your business could be negatively impacted. If the employee is required to make child support payments through Health and Welfare in Idaho or to an agency in another state, you may be required to withhold payments from the employee’s income. An employee’s wages may also be garnished by court order to collect back support.

License Revocation – Your employee’s professional or occupational license and/or her/his driver’s license could be revoked or suspended. The state may also file a contempt of court action, which could result in a jail sentence. For more information, see Idaho Child Support Enforcement Resource Center.

Passports – If an employee owes $2,500 or more in back child support, he/she may be unable to obtain a passport, or may have an existing passport revoked, which could create problems if your business activities require international travel.