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Idaho Department of Finance

Through its three bureaus the Department oversees a significant portion of the financial services industries in Idaho.

The Securities Bureau oversees:

  • The issuance and sale of securities (stocks, bonds, notes, partnership and membership units, etc.)
  • Stockbrokers, broker-dealers, investment and financial advisers
  • Money transmitters
  • Continuing care and long-term care facilities for the elderly and incapacitated.
  • Endowed care cemeteries

The Consumer Finance Bureau regulates:

The Financial Institutions Bureau oversees:

Unclaimed Property

The Idaho State Treasurer’s office manages the Unclaimed Property program. Unclaimed property Includes the contents of safe deposit boxes, stocks and bonds, uncashed refund and payroll checks, utility deposits, traveler’s checks, undelivered tax refund checks, and more. Visit the Unclaimed Property website to find out if you or your business has unclaimed property. If your business is holding unclaimed property that needs to be reported, see Holder Reporting.