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Business Closure/Sale/Dissolution/Bankruptcy

Contact an attorney and an accountant.

Idaho Secretary of State

When a business closes, the Secretary of State must be notified by filing the appropriate form to terminate the business registration. For information on closing a business or changing the name or other registered information, see the Legal Structure section of this website. You may need to call the Secretary of State’s office at 208-334-2301 to obtain the appropriate form.

Idaho Small Business Development Center

A counselor can assist you, your accountant and your attorney in closing or selling your business.

Regional SBDC office locations

Internal Revenue Service

  • Closing a Business: Find information on topics such as final tax reporting, terminating employee retirement plans, closing because of bankruptcy, selling a business, final employee withholding reports, and more.
  • Closing by filing bankruptcy

You will also need to close your Idaho state tax accounts and file any necessary final state tax reports.

Idaho State Tax Commission

Oversees the collection of income, sales, withholding, and other taxes in Idaho. When a business closes, state tax permits and sales tax permits need to be cancelled, withholding accounts closed and a final tax return filed. Visit the Tax Commission for information.

Idaho Department of Labor

Businesses with employees must close unemployment withholding and other accounts. Contact your nearest Department of Labor office for assistance. 

City and County Clerk and County Assessor’s Offices

City clerk’s offices manage business activities occurring within city limits. When a business closes, permits obtained from the city clerk need to be cancelled. Retail businesses planning a going out of business sale may need a permit. Contact your local city clerk’s office for informationIf you secured permits or licenses from your county clerk’s office, those should also be cancelled.

If you pay personal property tax on equipment, the assessor’s office should be notified to determine any taxes that may be due.

Small Business Administration

Closing or Selling a Business: Contact an SBA or SCORE counselor for assistance. Contact the Boise office at (208) 334-9004, extension 333; the Spokane office at (509) 353-2809, or visit the SBA.

SCORE: The Service Corps of Retired Executives, SCORE, is a national volunteer organization of current and former business owners, managers, and executives who donate their time and expertise to counsel business owners at no charge. A SCORE counselor can assist you in making the decision to close your business.

SCORE offices are located in BoiseIdaho Falls, and Spokane. Businesses in north Idaho are served by the Spokane SCORE office or visit the national website. 

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