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Agriculture and Land Use

Idaho Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture oversees Idaho’s agricultural and livestock industries and ag-related businesses, including:

  • farming, ranching
  • livestock operations, including bison and cervidae
  • egg distributors
  • nurseries (plants) and florists
  • commodity dealers, seed buyers, produce warehouses/storage facilities
  • dairies
  • feed lots/large scale animal containment – cattle, swine, poultry (CAFO)
  • livestock auctions and sales
  • fish farms (aquaculture)
  • commercial bee keepers
  • pesticide applicators
  • organic farming and produce
  • organic fertilizer manufacturers
  • farmer’s markets, fruit stands and other seasonal food-related activities

The Department also manages programs to control noxious weeds and invasive insects and monitors Idaho’s Agricultural Water Quality Program, as well as the following:

Weights and Measures: The Bureau of Weights and Measures inspects and certifies weighing and metering devices, including scales and fuel pumps, and inspects packaged products to ensure net contents meet labeled weight, volume or count. They also monitor the octane labeling of fuel products. Businesses and individuals who repair or maintain weighing and metering devices are licensed by the Bureau.

Idaho Department of Labor

Agricultural Workers – Employers of temporary foreign agricultural workers must be certified through the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Program to bring workers into the U.S. The Department of Labor also licenses Farm Labor Contractors who represent domestic migrant and seasonal farm laborers. See Idaho Department of Labor Farmworker Services for details.

Idaho Department of Lands

Manages state lands and activities occurring on them, including:

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