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Business Wizard

Note: Only business activities requiring special licenses or permits or that are taxed in addition to usual business taxes are listed in the Wizard. If you have a routine business need, please read through the text pages on this site to find information to help you start or expand your business. Idaho does not have a state business license. They are issued locally by city clerk's offices.

Note: Results do not populate in the order in which you should contact agencies. Rather, they populate in the order in which you answered the questions in the Wizard (Section 1, 2, etc.). We recommend you review all results closely to identify which step to take first. Category notes (manufacturing, contractor, sales, etc.) appear first in the results.

Section 1 - Business Type

Check the type of business that you are starting or operating.  Check ALL that apply
Manufacturing, processing, mining, fabricating
  Manufacturing, mining, fabrication
Agriculture, Animals
  Animals, farming, ranching, livestock, fish
Contractor improving real property
  Contractor, remodeler, public works contractor
  Retail, wholesale, on-line sales
  Service businesses, including professional services and transportation
Land Use, Logging, Water
  Land Use, Water, Logging